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Galactic archeology
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“Time does not exist by itself, only in the sensitive world, bringing about the notion of past, present, and future.”
From natura rerum, Lucrecio

     The work of Alberto Frioli is structured by the essence of being out of time, and by the exteriorization of spiritual work linked to Antique Traditions. It gathers artistic, scientific and philosophical elements full of significant communication content. The materials and the languages of the future are incorporated through the iconography of his work.
     “A realization that is defined by the universality of the artist in front of his own creative process, in which men assume the position of an universal creation instrument. This integration state goes beyond the ideal of the past in order to integrate the exceptional condition of information to this civilization that is driven by images.”
     His works are partially conceived and executed following some antique mathematical and geometrical schemes of the “Area Section”. They are structured by harmonic measures in a way that they represent in synthesis, the laws of the universe.
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