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The Atelier

     The artist found his inspiration in an exotic beach on the Brazilian coast. This place of difficult access, far from civilization, without roads and electricity, represented a material challenge for the execution of his work. On the other hand, this place turned out to be totally pure, and quiet. The presence of nature around was ideal for artistic inspiration.

     The atelier is encrusted on a mountain, close to the sea, and surrounded by tropical wildlife, in Ubatuba. A modern artistic foundry has been installed in this place, associating ancient tradition to modern morphology in order to develop sophisticated casting techniques.

     The atelier’s activities created new professional opportunities to the local community, introducing and transforming some fishermen into expert craftsmen of bronze foundry. The participation of these fishermen was extremely important, since bronze ingots and other materials were transported with their wooden canoes.

     The entire creative process began with the construction of this atelier in the middle of the tropical forest.

The techniques

     Along the years, the intense creative process led him to develop several studies, among them the utilization of advanced bronze casting technique. Using methods learned around the world and applied into Brazilian heat-resistant materials, it was possible to see high definition and good quality finish in his sculptures.

     The use of Brazilian stones lapidated with the same technique used to create jewels is another characteristic that differentiates his work. The maximum expression of this technique can be seen in the sculpture “Harmonious Planet Project”.

Copyright: Alberto Frioli - 2006 by Virtually