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     Alberto Frioli was born in Rimini, Italy in 1943. He lived in Venice with his parents and after finishing his studies he moved to São Paulo, Brazil. Since childhood, his vocation for art guided him to develop great interest towards painting, sculptures, poetry and architecture, combining in a complex and harmonic way these artistic expressions in his work.

     In 1972, after settling in São Paulo and becoming a Brazilian citizen, he built his atelier in Ubatuba (north coast of São Paulo) where he produced most of his work. The artist’s main objective is to develop a cultural proposal based on the trilogy that combines art, science, and philosophy, representing a new step towards the integration of applied technology, aesthetics and philosophical purpose.

     As a Brazilian artist, he dedicated his time to develop several projects, renewing many ancient and modern languages in order to finish a masterpiece that is truly rare in this historical moment. In synthesis, his art is an expression, an attitude of conscience towards human evolution.

…Only when spiritual knowledge modifies a man’s life, do truly artistic creations take place” Goethe

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